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Techcraft 3D was founded on the ethos of providing a quality service .

We pride ourself on its unique design process where the client and project needs come first. Our
team of design specialists is dedicated to deliver a market leading design experience.
We use high tech design a prototyping techniques to provide the highest quality projects

At Techcraft 3D, not only do we promise to provide expert advice and service for your project, but we also promise to do it with a smile. We want all our customers to rest assured that we deliver professionally, with a personal touch.

Design for 3D Printing

Techcraft 3D offers you unique design for 3D printing solutions.

 Our expert team of designers work closely with our clients to produce the highest quality projects.

 Techcraft 3D offers unique design experience for our clients where they can work closely with our expert


FDM Printing

A cost effective solution for printing larger objects in a variety of materials.

SLA Printing

A highly accurate method of production, the closest you can get to injection moulding.

Metal Printing

Printing metal objects to the highest engineering standards and tolerance.

Design for Manufacture

Techcraft 3Ds expert team of industrial designers, who specialise in design for manufacture, and project management team work alongside industry leading manufacturers to provide a tailored service for every clients needs.

 We utilise our 3D printing and prototyping knowledge to help to produce valuable prototypes and test models before production.  

 We have a wide variety of production methods available: additive manufacturing, metal processing…



CAD Design

3D Scanning



Casting and Mouldings

Techcraft 3D has a professional team of mould designers who specialise in silicone mould design for a wide variety of uses, candles….



Our team of designers work with you every step of the way from your initial concept, we work with the client to achieve your dream design.



We will then generate a computer generated model of your candle and provide a realistic render of your project for you to approve. 


3D printing

Once approved, we will hand over the file to our team of 3D printing engineers who will produce the blank ready for the silicone casting. 


Silicone casting

The blank will then be used to cast the silicone mould using our specialised process which utilises high quality silicone. This process will then be repeated.


Quality control

Each mould then goes through rigorous quality control to ensure that each one is to the finest quality.


Ship items

We carefully pack your new moulds and ship them to you.